My Southern Home Tour

My Southern Home Tour My Southern Home Tour

February is about to come to an end and I am so looking forward to warmer sunnier days. I have some DIY’s coming your way in a few days but I thought it would be fun to share a tour of my old southern home since we are going to start changing lots of things in our new home in the next couple of months!

As you know we moved into our new home last Fall, but before we moved out I took my camera and filmed our entire previous home right before moving out.

We had lived there 4 years before putting it up for sale. The last year I was there my husband and I put a lot of work into it and it was finally looking like the home I had envisioned when we first moved into it. I never expected moving out so soon, but we came across our new home and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

It was just meant to be! 

Our house was on the market 2 weeks before we got an offer on it and we believe it was due to the work we had put into it.

We had updated our kitchen by painting our cabinet and adding new hardware. We transformed my smallest’s nursery. We updated the entire foyer and even front entrance of the house… to name a few things…. ?

I will be sharing my tips on selling a home fast, so be on the look out for that post! 

I created a slideshow of the images we used for our home listing below. It had a classic southern charm with a hint of farmhouse and coastal colors in a few areas. It wasn’t completely done, but I was happy with the process so far.


[soliloquy id=”4121″]

Now for the part you want to see!

Please keep in mind that this was before I started working on my YouTube channel so my filming isn’t the best and I could’ve shortened some things. I explain a few things we did throughout the house and keep in mind that by the time I filmed this, we had already started packing so we had taken curtains down and you will see boxes etc. throughout.


My Southern Home Tour


I hope you liked and I can’t wait to share what we will be doing to our new home.

Yami Signature My Southern Home Tour

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  1. You clearly have great style and the updates you made look great. I can definitely see why you were able to sell your home so quickly.

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