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Hello and Happy Tuesday! I know I am a little late with the reveal, but alas I finally get to share my Craft Room Challenge Reveal with you!

If you recall my craft room was absolutely non- existent when we first started this challenge at the beginning of the month and it took me a little bit to figure out the direction I wanted to go, but after adding my Hamptons Farmhouse touches and refinishing a few key pieces in the space, it began coming along.

So let’s take a quick look at this room used to be… it was dark and a hot mess.

CRC 2 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

Yep… (insert gasp here?)

CRC4 1 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

But now it looks totally different and I love it!

If you would rather watch the video tour you can check it out here:


With the white paint on the walls, the stenciled accent wall, the new blinds, refurbished furniture trash that is no longer crowding the space, and unwanted items donated….

I can now say that I have a craft space that I can truly enjoy .

2 1 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

I built my IKEA table and added a custom skirt that I made so that it would hide a couple of storage bins behind it.

The table had a little bit of space underneath the top so that I could fit a skinny tension curtain rod for a skirt. It was one of the reasons I chose that particular table.

3 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

One the other side of the table I added this old plastic drawer bin for more storage.

I used the same contact paper that I used for my faux wood centerpiece in order to hide the items inside and give it a clean look. I didn’t remove the backing on it and just adhered it to the front of the drawers (on the inside) with double sided sticky tape.

Then I hot glued antique brass plated label holders that I purchased at Michael’s, but you can also buy similar ones hereAnd I printed some labels from my printer.

The reason I hot glued them is because if I ever need to use this elsewhere, I could just pop the label holders off very easily. 

I also faced the drawers out to the side so that it gave me more leg room whenever I sat at the table. And with the skirt you won’t even know it’s there. ?

12 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

I added these fabric bins below from my favorite online dollar store, Hollar, to the bookcases I transformed  and I love how I was able to organize some of my fabrics and some projects that I will be working on very shortly.

Check out Hollar here to get a $5 credit off your first purchase.

15 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

On the top of this bookcase, I have the fabric scrap jar (with a ton of scraps already)…

7 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

And next to it is my craft organizer carousel  that I got from Hobby Lobby. They don’t have it on their site, but here is a similar one at Michael’s. I store my scissors, paint brushes, glue sticks etc. in it.

There are also other options here.

CRC Craft Room Challenge Reveal


On the other bookcase, I used these clear bins that I purchased at Michael’s (normally used to store 12×12 sheets of paper) so that I can keep my projects together as I work on them.

13 Craft Room Challenge Reveal


So for instance, if I cannot finish something right away, I can still put everything away together and get back to it quickly since all of the items are stored in one bin. Then once the project is complete, I can put everything back in its place.


14 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

On top of this bookcase I added a gorgeous metal basket I got from Wal Mart and filled it with my corks. I created a cork wreath  a long time ago (you probably have seen it on Pinterest), and I had these left over and I am still trying to figure out what to make next.

Any suggestions????

6 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

Then for fun and a little bit of decor I added this letter board that I got for ONLY $9.97 (say what!?!?) at my local Wal Mart. You can find it here.

4 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

On the wall, I placed a slender curtain rod to hang my stencils and my fabric pieces as I cut them down. This way they won’t crease or get too wrinkled and my stencils can remain flat.

3 1 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

I laid my Expedit shelves sideways on the opposite wall and sewed little “skirts” to cover the shelves but still have everything really accessible.

My friend Marie The Inspiration Vault suggested I use velcro command strips on the shelves and with the help of adhesive velcro ironed onto the fabric I can make the skirts removable with no damage to the unit.

1 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

I gave the IKEA spice racks a weathered look to match the cute clock I bought at Big Lots.

10 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

And I added some inspirational items and color swatches to the cork board for some projects I plan on tackling soon.

11 Craft Room Challenge Reveal


I added command hooks to the wall next to it so I could hang my wreaths.

2 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

I added this farmhouse style mouse pad for whenever I work on my posts in my craft room.

9 Craft Room Challenge Reveal


I also have my planner in my craft room so I can stay organized and plan my projects ahead. FYI… this planner is on sale RIGHT NOW for $13 off if you are still looking for one for yourself. You can purchase them here.


8 Craft Room Challenge Reveal

Then finally I still have my little wooden cabinet on the other side of the room and I store paint, glue, glitter, ribbon and some unfinished crafts in there.

I also have a huge roll of burlap that I ordered a long time ago and need to make something with. Stay tuned for a DIY!

4 1 Craft Room Challenge Reveal


So that is it for now. I didn’t use a couple of items that I purchased from IKEA since at the moment I don’t have a need for them, but if anything changes, I will make sure to share!

I hope this has inspired you to create your own fun craft room or has shown you different ways to use items or reuse things you already have at home.

This was as much fun as it was hard to complete. But I am truly grateful for this challenge.

Now I have a great space to call my very own and I can get creative all day long!

I would love to hear what your favorite part of the room is! Let me know your thoughts below!




CRC Title Craft Room Challenge Reveal

Welcome to the 2018 Craft Room Challenge! From January 3rd through January 31st, 14 crafty bloggers will be sorting, organizing, cleaning, and decorating their craft spaces. Each of us has a very different craft space to tackle, so chances are you will find one similar to yours. We’d love for you to join in on the fun challenge and clean right alongside us. Follow along and join in on social media by using #craftroomchallenge and #confessyourmess. You can also find us and the challenge via our social media accounts you’ll see listed on each of our sites. We’ll also have 15-minute mini daily challenges for you in case you have limited time to dedicate to the challenge. We hope you share your messy spaces and progress with us so we don’t feel alone this month!

Before you see the rest of the crafty spaces, please meet our lovely hosts:

CRC Headshots Craft Room Challenge Reveal

Marie & Aleisha from The Inspiration Vault • Pam from P.S. I Love You Crafts

Yami from The Latina Next Door • Jolene from Create Pray Love

Habiba from Craftify My Love • Lyne from The Paper Addict

Megan from C’Mon Get Crafty • Erlene from My Pinterventures

Shirley from Intelligent Domestications • Valerie from Val Event Gal

Michelle from Our Crafty Mom • Rebecca from The Moments at Home

Stephanie from Crafty Ladybug Creations

Now, let’s take a look at their craft rooms and spaces! 

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  1. I absolutely love how everything came together. I know it was a LOT of hard work, but I also know you’ll thoroughly enjoy creating in such a beautiful and serene room. You did an incredible job, Yami!

  2. Oh Yami, your hard work payed off a hundred fold. I really love your little craft room and sure would like to spend an afternoon with you there crafting and chatting away.

  3. Can I just give you a standing ovation?! Your craft room is perfect. So bright and organized. Love the spice racks and the rod for hanging stencils. I bet even the kiddo’s want to craft in there – I know I do!

  4. I love how it turned out! My room is such A MESS right now and I think I could never fix it. But after seeing this, I feel really inspired to organize everything then add some decorations on the wall. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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