Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

Dollar Tree Frozen Food Pin Dollar Tree Frozen Foods**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.*

As you know I love Dollar Tree and I have already shared several DIY’s that got pretty popular really fast last year. Two of which were my Faux White Washed Wooden Planter Box and my Snowflake Candleholders.

I worked with Dollar Tree last year to bring you all a Thanksgiving Table Setting and I was so happy when they reached out to me again to talk about something a little different: their frozen and refrigerated foods.

So I gladly agreed to check them out and give my own opinion.

I know you have started seeing more and more Dollar Trees have a refrigerated section in addition to their canned and non-refrigerated produce and you might have hesitated to approach. I know I did at first.

Fun fact: Frozen and Refrigeration is in over 5,000 Dollar Tree Stores already! Check out this video talking all about it!

But it wasn’t until I did take that closer look that I realized that not only did they have a huge selection of products, but that they were name brands both you and are I very familiar with.


I have 3 Dollar Trees nearby and one of them has a huge frozen section – I was impressed (I couldn’t even get it in the entire shot).

Dollar Tree Frozen Food 1 Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

And when I opened the doors, I was pleasantly surprised. My kids love these cheese sticks and you can totally find this brand at any grocery store. These would are great for a a kids birthday party to have as snacks or perfect for going out on picnics.

Dollar Tree Frozen Foods 7 Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

They have great breakfast food options as well.

Dollar Tree Frozen Foods 5 Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

They even have my favorite fries!

Dollar Tree Frozen Foods 4 Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

I buy Ore-Ida fries and bake them for my kids and even though it’s better to buy the bigger options in grocery stores for larger meals, this is a great option for those who only need to make a meal for themselves, like college students.

You can literally buy your dinner for $4! Pizza, fries coke, and even ice cream dessert. BOOM!

I know, it’s not the most healthiest meal, but when you’re in college you can handle the calories…I know I did… (man, I miss those days ?)

They even have pre-made meals.

Dollar Tree Frozen Food 3 Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

So, I actually bought some Red Baron Pizza bites (3 to a pack) along with those Ore-Ida french fries just to try them out…

And I was pleasantly surprised! The pizza bites were super yummy and were pretty good in size. The little pies were deep and full of sauce and cheese and it had quite a bit of meat in them. YUM!

%name Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

And the fries were just as good! I like to sprinkle some seasoning salt over them. They crisp up so well in the toaster oven too.

%name Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

Both together were MORE than enough to fill me up. I couldn’t eat it all!

Dollar Tree frozen foods definitely gets a THUMBS UP from me! 

There you have it! Check out your local Dollar Tree for quick and inexpensive meal solutions and brand name desserts.

  • Larry’s Mashed Potatoes
  • Edward’s Pies
  • Red Baron
  • Mrs. Smith’s
  • Banquet
  • Snickers
  •  Twix

They even have Cool Whip! You can see it below, second shelf 3rd door from left…. Say what!?

Dollar Tree Frozen Food Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

So, next time you’re at your local Dollar Tree definitely check out the frozen and refrigerated food section and give it a try for yourself!

To find your local Dollar Tree with refrigeration just go here and enter your zip code – easy peasy!

Until next time!

Yami Signature Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

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  1. The frozen blueberries are my favorite! Combine them with the Marie Callender Blueberry muffin mix on the pantry isle and you will have bakery worthy muffins for $2!!!

  2. Thank you for reminding me of tge foods to at the $ store. My son also love their chocolate milk,frozen pancakes and waffles to. Have a great weekend

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think they have one, but you can always use the store locator tool on their site and just call that location to see if they carry them before heading out. Hope that helps!

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