Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament

Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament

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So for today’s theme, we are supposed to share snowman crafts….. I will be honest, I am not and have never been a fan of snowman decor for the holidays… It’s just not my thang!

However, I felt that there have to be other awesome people in this very same predicament so I wanted to see what I could make that would make me like something… anything…. snowman related… and I think I made a little something that worked. 

Going along with my rustic farmhouse theme from my Treetopia Christmas tree and my DIY ornaments I thought I would try to do a snowman one as well. This is probably the MOST EASIEST ornament EVER! LOL!

Supplies for a Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament:

  • Unfinished Wood Ornament (I used this stain)
  • White Rope Cord ( I got mine from Michael’s in the bins at the from of the store)
  • Glue Gun

1 1 Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament

Once you have your wood ornament stained, begin creating a circle with the rope cord, hot-gluing it onto itself as you go… (it will get hot glue all over your fingers! Just try not to burn yourself…. ?)

2 1 Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament

Create 3 different circles –  small, medium and large in size. Then hot glue them onto your ornament.

3 2 Rustic Farmhouse Snowman Ornament


And that’s basically it! It’s rustic, minimal, could even be considered abstract, BUT I think the fact that it’s so simple is what I like the most… plus it goes with any farmhouse themed Christmas and I’m good with that!

I hope you liked this take on snowman decor for the holidays! Have you made anything with rope? I want to try more things now!


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    1. Thank you! I went to see yours and I love your adorable little snowman!! I was trying to comment but didn’t see the option unless I missed it somewhere!

  1. I love snowmen. They are so fun to make in the wintertime with the family. I love all kinds of snowmen, and your are so beautiful and fabulously unique

    1. Thank you so much Ivory! I hope we actually get enough snow this year to even be able to make one outside with the kids. Fingers crossed!

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