Dollar Tree Fall Decor

DIY Fall Decor Dollar Tree Fall Decor

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I totally meant to get this out sooner, however, all 3 of my kids have been battling Hand Foot & Mouth disease that my oldest contracted from school and my week was a hot mess.

So now that fall is in full swing in our house and I have my table setting all ready to go for Thanksgiving, I figure I would go ahead and share a couple of other simple and inexpensive décor pieces that can be made in less than a couple of hours (that you can do with those leftover Dollar Tree pumpkins you may have lying around).

I will be creating 2 small fall decor pieces that can be used as either centerpieces or accent pieces throughout your home.

Dollar Tree Fall Decor Product list…

1st arrangement:

  • A carvable pumpkin
  • Candle holder – I used this tea light mason jar 
  • Craft paint
  • A bundle of artificial flowers
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Paintbrush

Check out the video tutorial below!


For the first piece you will need to use the candleholder and trace the bottom of it to the top of the pumpkin. Carve it out. You want the candleholder (in this case I used a mason jar) to fit snuggly inside.

Tip: If you cut the hole too large and the candleholder sits too low, you can take the piece of pumpkin you removed and hot glue it to the inside bottom of the pumpkin. It will elevate the candleholder and keep it in place.

Next you want to paint the pumpkin. I used acrylic paint. It adhered well and dried fast, plus if you don’t have any on hand they are super inexpensive.

1 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

I used a blue-green on the bottom 2 layers, then added white chalk paint to give it a more neutral weathered look. Make sure to keep the strokes long and vertical.

2 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

Then once it was dry I cut the flowers from the fall bush and inserted that along the top edge of the pumpkin, spacing them out evenly along the open boarder.

4 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

Once all were in I added the candleholder and candle and I was done!

7 Dollar Tree Fall Decor


blackfriday teaser 392x72 00 Dollar Tree Fall Decor



2nd piece:

  • A carvable pumpkin
  • Floral foam
  • Paint
  • A bundle of fall artificial flowers
  • Pine cones
  • Small twigs
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Paintbrush


For this piece, I started the same way… cutting out the top and painting.

Then I cut down some floral foam and hot glued it to the bottom inside of the pumpkin.

3 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

I gathered some twigs from the yard and painted them with white chalk paint. Once they were dry I added them along with some pinecones, flowers and a small white pumpkin from my last project I did. Whatever I could not insert into the foam I adhered with hot glue.

5 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

And that was basically all there was to it.

6 Dollar Tree Fall Decor

The good thing about this one is that you can arrange the flowers and twigs any way you want. You can make the fall arrangement tall or short, make it extra blingy or use vibrant colors or keep them neutral.

Either way you have another unique and really simple and inexpensive project for fall!

And since I already had the paint and brushes, both projects on cost me about $4 each!

Plus, who would even think there were Dollar Tree fall decor pieces anyway?

Watch the video below and stay tuned for my Xmas DIY’s coming your way!


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Yami Signature Dollar Tree Fall Decor

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