Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

Laundry Makeover THE BEFORE Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE


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Hey there! I hope everyone has been super safe during these hurricanes and tropical storms. We got hit with Hurricane Irma but it had downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reached us, however, we have friends with trees down in their yards and there are a lot of people without power right now so my heart goes out to them. Our trees have gotten a serious beating in our yard, but luckily we only experienced a little bit of light flickering in our house.

So, I know you have probably been waiting to hear exactly what I have been up to these past couple of weeks and I am so excited because I am almost done with the first project in our home. This room needed a makeover…. like BAD!

I am so grateful that this house has a larger laundry room area. As far as floor space in my last laundry, all you can fit was the washer and dryer, me and the vacuum before you didn’t have anywhere to move.

I also didn’t have any cabinets inside the laundry area in my last house which was a bummer. We had added extra shelves for storage but it just wasn’t pretty.

BUT this one has CABINETS! I cannot tell you how happy I am about that!

You’re like, “Really? It’s just a friggin’ laundry room woman!”

It’s the little things that bring so much joy to my heard!

Anyways, that being said it was a hot mess. The floor has linoleum (bleh!) and it was pretty icky from many years of being there. Plus it had discoloration from an area rug that used to be there (probably to hide the ugly linoleum, just sayin!)

Laundry Room Before 1 Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

The cabinets were peeling and the countertop was a hideous shade of laminate blue.

Laundry Room Before 4 Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

The doors had started to sag over time leaving a small gap at the top that really annoyed me. The shelf was pretty old and discolored in a few areas as well.


Laundry Room Before 2 Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE


The cabinets also had an open area to the left – that unpainted wood area opens up to the garage. There is a small door that opens from the garage to put stuff in there!

Totally weird and cool at the same time! Didn’t I say before the house had character? 

But wait, the laundry room has a SINK! Wahoo!

I totally wanted one, however, it’s on a really cheap cabinet with terrible knobs and the sink is in need of a really good cleaning.

Laundry Room Before 3 Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

And look I have more cabinets!

They have a streaky paint job and aren’t completely painted as you can see underneath…

Laundry Room Before 5 Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

Obviously that is where the washer and dryer go, but I have a lot to do before I bring them in.

So here is my inspiration for this space:

This image is from The Dear Lillie Blog. Jennifer’s laundry room transformation is just stunning!

Screen Shot 2017 06 22 at 10.58.25 AM Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

Now, this color scheme is too dark for my taste, but here is what I like about the room:

  • The TILE! I mean c’mon! It’s so gorgeous!
  • The painted cabinets. Having them painted another color other than the normal neutral tones sets a “higher end” look to the space.
  • The wood blinds – they give a beachy vibe to any room
  • The baskets, they are pretty yet practical

Onto my next inspiration, this one comes from Home Bunch:


Screen Shot 2017 06 22 at 10.59.53 AM Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

What I love about this space!

  • The cement tile! Another gorgeous design
  • The light cabinets (I love me some light colors)
  • The decorative knobs. This adds a level of elegance to this room.
  • The overall brightness of the room.

Okay so now that you have some ideas of where I’m going, I have 2 things not in my favor. Budget and time. Budget cause well, we just bought a new home and time cause I need a working laundry. The good thing is that the house has a second laundry in the basement so my laundry is up to date…


Just about…


Moving on!

Since I don’t have money to replace all of the cabinets, I will have to paint them just like I did in my last kitchen.

And let’s face it, cement tile is expensive and not in the budget right now either, so I came up with a solution that will work just as good, at least I hope…. fingers crossed!

I plan on changing the hardware so that all cabinets tie in nicely and I plan on painting every last bit of the room including the trim so that it can feel brand new again.

Oh and I DO have the budget for a new countertop. Woot woot! It will look high end with NO high costs! I can’t wait to share what I came up with!

I also have to sew little “curtains” for the cabinet and will have tips on not making it look “grandma-ish”.

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Yami Signature Laundry Room Makeover BEFORE

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    1. Thanks so much Marie! I didn’t know that! What’s funny is that the garage door into the kitchen and pantry area is right next to the laundry room so at least for me that would be double the work. Ha! Hopefully I can find a great use for it that will suit my needs a little better – maybe my hubby can throw his dirty clothes from when he mows the lawn???? Don’t forget to send any ideas my way!

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