How to Make Tortilla Chips

How to make tortilla chips How to Make Tortilla Chips

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I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! It was just us and the kids this year and my husband and I spent half the day tending to the yard and making some small repairs around the house. However, we did end up having a great dinner together and then later we watched as our neighborhood lit up the sky with fireworks. 4th of July was on steroids this year and it seemed to last for hours!

My kids loved it.

One of the other things my kids absolutely love is tortilla chips and cheese dip. And I am so happy I have my girl Carissa over at Thrift & Spice because if it wasn’t for her I would have never even thought to make my own!

They are super easy and taste great! You will never buy tortilla chips again!

I haven’t… seriously! 

Here’s how you make them:

All you need are corn tortilla chips (these are my favorite):


Screen Shot 2017 07 04 at 11.42.58 PM How to Make Tortilla Chips


Cut the tortilla chips into 4 pieces…

giphy How to Make Tortilla Chips


Fry them on medium heat for a few minutes (I used corn oil)… If the edges start to brown you have fried them too long.

giphy How to Make Tortilla Chips


Then lay them on paper towels to drain any remaining oil and add salt. That’s it!

These chips are super crispy and you can eat them with your favorite cheese dip or homemade pico de gallo.

How to make tortilla chips 1 How to Make Tortilla Chips

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Now I make sure to have corn tortilla chips stocked all the time and make them fresh to order. You cannot go wrong with this super easy treat! Make them for your family or your next gathering. They are sure to be a hit.

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For more tasty treats and drinks check out Carissa’s blog! There are mango popsicles (paletas) I am dying to try out!

Be back with more stuff soon!

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