Foyer Makeover Before

Foyer Makeover Before 5 Foyer Makeover Before

Hi there! As you know I have been working with Sherwin Williams this year in order to bring you some great inspiration on how to transform your home with the power of paint.

I have shared my kitchen makeover and already have my next project that I will be revealing for you tomorrow.

Okay, so you may already know, we purchased our home back in 2013 and by that time our home was almost 12 years old. It’s in a beautiful neighborhood where the homes all still have pretty good sized yards, but suffer from lots of beige walls and brass door handles. Slowly we have been trying to update it and give it more a personal touch… or simply put, just make it prettier!

It definitely needed some help! We had green bean walls in the kitchen! Who does that?

So anyways, I felt that the next project that would be perfect to transform would be my foyer. It’s a 2 story foyer that’s actually pretty narrow.

Foyer Makeover Before 1 Foyer Makeover Before

It has the ugliest shaggy dog carpet (that’s what I like to call it) that I wish to eventually replace. The stairs have oak finished railings which screams “my grandma lives here!”

Foyer Makeover Before 2 Foyer Makeover Before

I like the fact that it’s not completely closed off and you can see through and into the formal dining room, but the oak finish clashes with the darker furniture in the dining area.

Foyer Makeover Before 3 Foyer Makeover Before

Ugh! Do you see the shaggy dog??? 

To the right of it I have pretty french doors that lead into my office/craft/kids play room… The doors are pretty but boring.

Foyer Makeover Before 4 Foyer Makeover Before

And then here’s the view from the top landing. The brown tones are blinding and that light fixture is hideous. It doesn’t even light up because the light bulbs burned out and we have not been able to figure out how to replace them! Terrible I know… but that is on the to do list further down the road.

Baby steps, people! ?

The rest just leads to all of the bedrooms….

Foyer Makeover Before 6 Foyer Makeover Before

You can see all of my sample colors and my spackle work already up. 

So, for my color inspiration I went straight Fixer Upper style and used The Gormon House, Episode o1, Season 1 as the look I was going for.

Screen Shot 2017 06 13 at 12.46.53 AM Foyer Makeover BeforeWhile their hand railing was curved it was still that classic style very much like mine, however, theirs is dark giving it a more modern and formal feel.

I also like the gray the walls and how it is a cooler and lighter gray. Since my space is narrow I want it to feel larger.

I also wish to change the colors of the french doors to give it more interest and finally clean up all the old trim by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Things are coming together beautifully and while there are many things I still wish to do to my foyer, I will have the first phase ready to share with you tomorrow! So stay tuned and I will be back in your inbox for the after pictures and step-by-step instructions!

Yami Signature Foyer Makeover Before



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  1. Hi
    The metal art work above the door in your foyer would be perfect for my foyer. Could you tell me where you got it?

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