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Where to find cheap pillow covers 11 2 Mothers Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and that you means you need to go shopping for yo’ momma…. like STAT! So on that note, I have seen a lot of really fun stuff this year for Mother’s Day and I thought I would share some great finds that would be great for your mom, a mom friend or even you… cause you know… you can totally treat yourself that day too, amiriiight?

Plus, these Mother’s Day gifts are super affordable so you will be sure to please even if you have a small budget.

  1. Mama Bear Tees -$13.99

I know you have seen these around and they are absolutely adorable! Plus they are only $13.99! Honestly, I want one. They are so simple, but would look cute with jeans, leggings, a solid maxi skirt…. the more comfy the better!

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 11.13.17 PM Mothers Day Gifts

2. Mommy & Me Tees $13.99 –

So if you really want to go really adorable there are these matching sets for mommy and baby – this is perfect for moms with really young kids (the kid sizes go up to toddler sizes only).

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 11.17.50 PM Mothers Day Gifts

3. Coffee Mug – $19.95

Now here is a mug after my own heart. There seems to be a fine line for when you can stop drinking coffee and go straight to wine… this just makes the transition easier, no?☺️ And it has gold on it… come on!

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 11.22.41 PM 1 Mothers Day Gifts

4.  Build Your Own Bracelet – $23.00+

I absolutely love this, because if your kids call their grandmother a certain name (My kids call my mom, mamá) then you could totally personalize it for her! They are sleek and simple, yet look darling!

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 11.27.02 PM Mothers Day Gifts

5. Dried Lavender Glass Pendant – $36.00

This gift caught my eye immediately. Isn’t this gorgeous? Those are real flowers and this pendent is completely handmade! Talk about making her feel special with this conversation piece!

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 11.52.49 PM Mothers Day Gifts

6. The Magnolia Story – $15.40 ($13.99 on Kindle)

Can you believe I still have not gotten this book?!? Perhaps the hubby will read this post and take a hint… Ha! So many people have said such good things. I guess I just really need a “feel good” book and perhaps you know a mom who needs one too.

Screen Shot 2017 04 28 at 12.02.06 AM Mothers Day Gifts

7. Galvanized Steal Trays –  $31.99

Speaking of Fixer Upper and all things farmhouse…. Have you heard of Decor Steals? They are a site that showcases a new deal EVERY DAY of your favorite farmhouse style decor for the home and these trays are currently on sale…

Screen Shot 2017 04 28 at 12.26.40 AM Mothers Day Gifts

8. Trendy Fashion Flats – $15.99

Can I confess something to you? I have never liked flats (unless they’re sandals). I just don’t care for the look, plus it doesn’t help that I am 5’2″ tall. However, once I saw these I fell in love, cause they look like ballerina shoes! These look both adorable and comfy! Those pink ones though!

Screen Shot 2017 04 28 at 12.31.03 AM Mothers Day Gifts

9. Floral Wrap Dress – $34.99

Okay, flowers are in this year and who doesn’t love a wrap maxi dress that makes you looks slimmer in all the right places? I’m not gonna lie, I bought myself one. The fabric is so soft and it’s true to size…. perhaps I can do a Facebook live about it! Comment below if you want to see it!

Screen Shot 2017 04 28 at 12.33.51 AM 1 Mothers Day Gifts

10. The Ultimate  Homemaking Bundle – $29.97

This is the ultimate gift… the gift of homemaking made easier. Grab it for yourself or for a mom in need, but this bundle does not disappoint when it comes to helping with meal planning for your family, saving time and money, teaching you organizational strategies for your home and even spicing up your love life with your spouse. And it’s only $29.97 for 5 days only!!!

470x246 @3x A Mothers Day Gifts

Well, that wraps it up! Seriously I want them all, how about you? Which one is your favorite gift on the list? 

Where to find cheap pillow covers 11 2 Mothers Day Gifts

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