Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Okay, my friends today is February 11th, are you all set for Valentine’s Day? Well of course you are! But maybe you forgot someone OR are still thinking about what to get that person who is really hard to shop for (we all have one of those)? Perhaps you have a mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, teacher or even a dear friend you would just like to give a little something special to. Well I have a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea that any plant lover would appreciate. And all for under $10!

Check it!

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea 680x1024 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift IdeaHere is what you need:

  1. A cute little bucket – But not just any bucket. This is the Leaktite 2.5 Quart Metal Pail for $3.67. You can find in the paint department.
  2. Leaktite 2.5 Quart Metal Pail Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea A clear plant saucer. The one I used is the Vigoro 6 inch plant saucer for $0.48plastic saucer Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea
  3. A plant of your liking – right now at Home Depot they have several indoor small plants for $2.98! Yep that is how much the one I got was.
  4. Ribbon – I got the really cute burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree for $1.00, the red ribbon I already had.
  5. Small river or draining rocks and soil (I already had these) and most likely if you do ANY kind of gardening or planting you should already have some on hand too. Just sayin!
  6. Double-sided scotch tape – I used the one below, but you can even used single-sided tape and fold it back on itself.

Last Minute Valentines Gift Idea 1 1024x680 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea

The process was simple. I put the plastic saucer inside the pot and filled it to its rim with rocks. I took the plant out of the pot and placed it inside, filling in all around with potting soil. The bucket is a leak tight bucket but I wanted to make extra sure (like my English there?) that it wouldn’t leak everywhere at any point in the future (so that’s why I put the saucer inside with a few rocks to prevent too much water saturation).

Plus you shouldn’t over-water anyways people!

Then I cut the ribbons to go round the bucket with a little extra length to fold in the ends. I used double-sided tape to stick the ribbons to each other. Then I used more double-sided tape to stick them to the bucket. I tucked the ends in at the back for a clean look (it doesn’t have to be perfect).

Last Minute Valentine Gift Idea 2 1024x680 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea

And presto! You have an adorable little arrangement that you put together yourself (instead of picking one up at Kroger on your way to check out with your groceries….)

We’ve all been there folks! But let’s face it, people like a little more effort in their gifts. 😉

My total came to $8.13 plus tax. Not bad, for a really cute and thoughtful gift. No one will know it was last minute. And since the ribbons aren’t stuck together permanently, the person you give it to can always remove the red ribbon after Valentine’s Day or even add a ribbon color of their choice to match their home decor. Either way, it looks great, the bucket gives it a unique farmhouse look (which is all the rave right now) and it is very affordable!

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea 4 680x1024 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this little project. I hope you enjoyed.

Your Latina,


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  1. Very cute! Could switch up colors for spring/fall—kids school colors–whatever its lowest w enough for a table setting, inexpensive–very cool. For awhile I hadn’t seen posts from you, glad your back more on the regular!! Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Marianne! I appreciate you sticking with me through all this time. I was gone for a bit, but this year I’m back at it and have lots more to share. Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend.

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