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Hola! I wanted to share a little something I I thought up and my husband help me built. I follow several bloggers, one of them Honey We’re Home. I love her home, her closet and her organization tips. One thing she had that I totally fell in love with and I had to have one of my own was her bracelet organizer. She ordered her’s on Amazon for $35.00 but at that price, I just couldn’t justify purchasing it since it was not a necessity. Oh but the idea of having one was so awesome!!!! So I just had to figure out a way to have my own…. and that I did. Here is how exactly how I created my very own DIY Jewelry Holder…

DIY Jewelry Holder 680x1024 DIY Jewelry Holder

First, I ran across a clearance section at Hobby Lobby and I found a 1 inch unfinished curtain rod 6 foot in length. It was on sale for $4.67. I (my hubby) cut it into 6 pieces at 1 foot lengths… you know, in case I needed another 😉

Then I found a 7/8″ dowel for $1.89 if I remember correctly and an unfinished wooden base at $1.99 in the unfinished wood section. We cut the dowel into 4″, 8″ and 12″ sections. Then we drilled 7/8″ holes into the wooden base.

DIY Jewelry Holder 2 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

I wanted them at a diagonal so we measured them out evenly and drilled some more…

DIY Jewelry Holder 3 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

Then we drilled 7/8″ holes into the curtain rod pieces, making sure they were centered.

DIY Jewelry Holder 4 680x1024 DIY Jewelry Holder

Next, we screwed the 7/8″ stems onto the base from the bottom up and used wood glue to secure the top pieces onto the 7/8″ pieces.

DIY Jewelry Holder 5 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

I used spray primer since the wood was unfinished and I didn’t want it soaking up my paint like crazy. As for paint, I used acrylic paint that I had on hand and Martha Stewart’s specialty paint that I got on sale for $4.99 below.

DIY Jewelry Holder 6 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

Then in order to cover up the bottom screws seen below…

DIY Jewelry Holder 7 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

I cut a piece of white felt that I already had and glued it on with Elmer’s glue… You can see my little helper below…

DIY Jewelry Holder 8 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

It also prevents it from scratching the surface it sits on.

My total cost for this was $6.23. I don’t really count the Martha Stewart paint cause I barely put a dent in it and I will be using it for lots more projects, but if your nit picky, just add a dollar… $7.23…. Still a pretty good deal!!!!

Here is the finished product….

DIY Jewelry Holder 11 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

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I brought the paint up a little bit on the 7/8″ bases since I couldn’t get clean straight lines at the very bottom. I used painters tape as a guide and I think I like it better this way anyways…

DIY Jewelry Holder 10 1024x680 DIY Jewelry Holder

The white paint took 3 coats and the gold paint took 4 coats (yikes!). It is really thin and runny. I almost thought I had to change gears, but the more you add the better it looks. I did end up finishing it up with clear gloss spray paint (I already had) to protect its finish. I love how it turned out!

DIY Jewelry Holder 9 680x1024 DIY Jewelry Holder

It ended up being about 13.5″ in height and 12″ wide. Now, I can remember I actually have bracelets I can wear since they are not put away! I am totally happy with this!

And if you are not the type to DIY a project like this there are several options available that look great and have affordable prices:

Let me know what you think? Have you done anything to organize or display your jewelry? I would love to know!

Please check this and other pretty & preppy crafts at Sarah’s Blog!

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    1. Omg! Thank you so much! I’m so flattered!!! I’ll make sure to post it on my site and on my FB page so my friends can link on over! 🙂

  1. Hi found this via 11 Magnolia Lane and life on Virginia Street Preppy Party. I love it! I am so impressed! No drip lines at all, I usually get some bleed on smaller area( not a wall)projects. If you would please—What kind of tape did you use? And I love the wall color in the photo too!

    1. Thank you! I simply used blue painters (I think I got lucky). And as for the wall color it is Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore, but I got it mixed in Clark & Washington paint since it’s a little more affordable.

  2. Thanks for the info—and I think it might have to do with a litlle patience and skill on your part too,

  3. So basically your husband did the majority of the work and you added the bows and whistles to the finished product (ie. you painted it).

    1. My husband enjoys woodworking and he’s gotten better over time – this particular task didn’t take him very long to complete at all. I am very fortunate to be able to give him a concept of what I want and that he’s able to deliver it just as I had imagined it. We are both very proud of what we created together and find that our efforts in creating it were of equal value. Thank you for stopping by Elise!

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