Another year, another tutu!

Well what can I say? There is nothing more fun than creating absolutely girly stuff for my daughter, especially costumes. I figured, eventually she will be telling me what she wants to be so I took a stab at making her costume this year, something that mummy would like – see what I did there?

I had already bought pink fairy wings for $3.99 and a had princess tiara for the kiddo, so I went to Hobby Lobby and racked up on some tulle and ribbon (which was 50% off of course) and this is what I came up with…

Warning! My kid would not sit still during the costume fitting so I had to pick the best usable shots… and she wouldn’t remove her pacifier either…

Fairy Princess Tutu 680x1024 Another year, another tutu!

I can’t get over how adorable it turned out!

DSC 0009 1024x680 Another year, another tutu!

My supplies are above, but in the end, I only used one big flower, the 2 poofs, 3 spools of tulle and the headband elastic. The other stuff I returned. I did go back to get a pink onesie so that all that tulle wouldn’t itch so bad. The total tally came to about $20.00.

Since I already made her one last year (step by step instructions are found here), this one was super easy to make! I cut the headband elastic to fit her chest and started adding long strips of tulle. Here is the first row.. complete in less than 10 minutes….

DSC 0023 1024x951 Another year, another tutu!

I started with the white tulle at the bottom. Then I added the light pink, then the darker pink on top….

DSC 0068 1024x680 Another year, another tutu!

Then, when I was done adding tulle, I sewed the 2 ends together by hand, and then cut 2 smaller headband pieces so that I could make her some shoulder straps. I sewed those by hand as well.

DSC 0061 680x1024 Another year, another tutu!

The flowers and poofs were clip ons so those went on pretty easily. I chose not to glue them on because I could always use them for something else down the road.

DSC 0072 1024x680 Another year, another tutu!

Here are the onesie, tiara and wings… a perfect match!

Fairy Princess DIY Tutu 1024x740 Another year, another tutu!

And here is another shot of the kiddo with the costume, this time without the tiara, pacifier still on though!

She will also wear pink leggings (which we already own) when we go out trick-or-treating along with some cute pink light-up shoes. She also has a pink sweater in case it gets chilly. Her wand will be this really cool pink glow stick wand that I found at the dollar store, and yes you guessed it, for $1!

Glow Stick Wand 810x1024 Another year, another tutu!

In the end, what I love about this, besides that it’s the cutest costume EVER, is that several parts of the costume we already had, and everything can be reused differently later on. I know I could have bought a costume for the same price, but it wouldn’t have been this unique and in the end, it would only be used one time. I can appreciate a costume with versatility.

Will you buy or purchase your kid’s costume this year?

Your Latina,


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