Decorating for Halloween on a Budget

Now that we are a family of 4 and in a new home that is twice the size of our last, we have had to scale back, WAAAAAAY back on spending. But I totally love the holidays and want to enjoy them as much as I can with my little ones, so I want to be sure to do a little something. Plus, our neighborhood is actually pretty into the Halloween decorating thing and we didn’t want to be the new party pooper neighbors. We already had orange string lights that we purchased a long time ago so saved money on that! We also already had an electric jack-o-lantern that I have had for years so we were able to save money on not carving pumpkins – plus frankly we just hadn’t had the time. We wanted to take advantage of the porch and bushes so we bought 2 packs of cotton webbing for $1.47 each and started pulling it and placing it everywhere – we went a little cray-cray. I think our front entrance looks pretty cool now, especially with my new Halloween wreath. Instructions on how to make it and the total cost can be found here.

Halloween Front Door 1024x680 Decorating for Halloween on a BudgetWe kinda like how it goes over the entrance. Some trick-or-treaters may have to duck to get through it, but we think it only adds to the spookiness.

Halloween Porch 1024x680 Decorating for Halloween on a Budget

This is the view from further away (you can barely see the jack-o-lantern to the left of the door so I may be moving it to another location).

The weekend after Halloween, we plan on going out to see the leftover clearance decorations and hopefully we could have more on hand for next year. We plan on adding ghosts, maybe tombstones or even big bugs. But I just thought I would share how much a $3.00 addition can impact the overall look, since a lot of people would rather spend the bigger dollars on Christmas decorations for example. In this case, the phrase “less is more” definitley applies. We’ll be adding more spider webbing next year for sure – we might even do the glow-in-the-dark kind!

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