TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Ever since I knew I was having a little girl, all I wanted to do was make her tutus! I think they are SO adorable and maybe, just maybe, I am living a little vicariously through her. All I know is that one day she will either thank me for always making her wear them or resent me for it…. for my heart’s sake, I hope it’s the first one.

Well, this is the first Halloween since we had our little munchkin and besides getting her pictures taken in the “Pumpkin” outfit, I knew I also wanted her in a tutu. There are so many options and color combinations out there! But, for the sake of not being too girly, and also not doing the generic black and orange tutu, I opted for a Peacock version in beautiful blues, greens and black!

DIY Tutorial Collage 1 1024x1024 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

I came across a no-sew tutu tutorial online and I just simply had to try it for myself. So here is what you need:

DSC 0275 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

1. Tulle (each one is 1 1/2 yards, but I didn’t need that much) – You can even buy spools in bulk here if you plan on making several.

2. Stretchy headband ribbon

3. Thread to match ribbon and needle

4. Any ribbon you may want to add to further embellish

5. Peacock feathers in this case (these are super cheap!)

6. Scissors

I started by measuring my kiddo’s waist and cutting the headband ribbon to fit. Then I started cutting the tulle into long skinny 1 1/2 – 2 inch wide strands. Once I had my first layer cut (which was the black underneath layer), I started to thread it through the holes in a loop. DSC 0277 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!Then you take your two fingers, feed them through the loop and grab the long tulle strands.

DSC 0280 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Then pull the two strand through the loop and pull to tighten!

DSC 0283 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

This is what it looks like up close.

DSC 0286 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

You keep doing this until you get the entire bottom row done.

DSC 0287 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Next, you start on the next row… I chose the blue. You do the SAME thing all over again. It can get a little tedious, but just have the TV on or some music along with a glass of wine, and you will be done in no time!

Start on the next row immediately above and between the black so you can fill in the spaces in between each black piece. This will give the tutu a more “full” look.

DSC 02921 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Hmmm, I think I am going to have to start getting manicures for these tutorials…. okay back to business!

Grab the strands of tulle.

DSC 0294 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Feed the strands through the loop!

DSC 0298 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Pull the strands….

DSC 0299 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Pull the “knot” tight!

DSC 0301 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Here is a close up of the second row.

DSC 0327 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Here is the second row complete!

DSC 0336 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

Then…. you guessed it! You do it all over again with the 3rd color, but I won’t bore you with those pictures. Here is the tutu with all the rows of tulle and with the 2 ends sewn together by hand with black thread. Easy Peasy!

DSC 0339 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

I then sewed the feathers on around the tutu and made it look like this!

DSC 0342 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

In order to make the headband, I cut the ribbon to fit my baby’s head and I sewed on the peacock feather application from behind – it had a nice fabric piece holding them together from the back side. I sewed the headband onto the fabric so you don’t see the thread from the front.

DSC 0346 1024x680 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

And here is the Peacock in full bloom!

E5 819x1024 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

I just loved how it all turned out…. And she was such a good sport!

E12 819x1024 TuTu Cute for Halloween!

You can also check out this year’s pink fairy princess tutu I made for her here. I made a few modifications from the peacock tutu since she was a little older and actually using it to Trick-or-Treat.

TLND NEW SIG TuTu Cute for Halloween!





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  1. Totally shocked right now because I just got the exact materials for my one year olds Halloween peacock costume then I saw another git a nursery lamp which I just did two months ago on my lamp from when I ess little..I never posted either!! So bizarre! We have similar taste!

    1. This one took me over an hour to do since it was my first and I was documenting the steps. The longer pink one I created the following year for her took me 30 minutes with 10 more minutes to add the shoulder straps. Hope that helps!

    1. Katrina, I cannot remember how long I made them. I would just measure till where you would like the tutu to reach (on the person you are making it for), then double it since you are pulling the strands through and tying them at half their length. Make sense?

  2. I was wondering how you attached the peacock feathers to the tulle? I know you said you sewed it on but how? Thank you for you ideas and inspiration!

    1. These particular feathers had little threaded loops at the very ends which I was able to thread my string through. They still sell the same ones at Hobby Lobby.

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