A Sentimental Transformation

My grandfather is very ill, and the last time he came out to visit us from Puerto Rico, he bought my dad these outdoor chairs. It was the last thing he bought my father before he became too ill to travel back out of the island. My father’s work travels took him away from home and after a couple of years the chairs took a bit of wear from constant exposure to the cold winters and the hot summers, but since the chairs were of so much sentimental value to my father, he never wanted to get rid of them…. So, I had a bright idea.

This past Father’s Day, I wanted to make sure my dad got something really cool, so I thought I would fix the chairs up for him. Originally they were a set of 4, but one was broken and too hard to fix, so I dedicated myself to the remaining 3. This is what I had to work with.

IMG 1078 768x1024 A Sentimental Transformation

I took out my primer and started spraying away. The chairs took a TON of primer and paint since they were so dry. I ended up using 6 cans and one clear top coat, but it was so worth it.

Here they are while I was priming them…

IMG 1081 768x1024 A Sentimental Transformation

Here is one of the chairs with only one coat of paint. I painted it Jellyfish Gloss by Valspar outdoor paint. Here is what the can looks like.

Jellyfish by Valspar A Sentimental Transformation

Below is the chair with the first coat of paint.

IMG 1083 768x1024 A Sentimental Transformation

Don’t mind my big head in the picture. Ha!

Here is the chair with the final coat of paint and top coat…

DSC 0289 680x1024 A Sentimental Transformation

Here is a close-up of the color…

DSC 0291 1024x680 A Sentimental Transformation

I was happy with the work, but I still thought it still needed a lil somethin’. I thought some cushions would be a perfect finish! So AGAIN, I went to my local Garden Ridge and found 3 striped cushions with blues and greens to keep that masculine touch…

And here you have it!

DSC 0292 680x1024 A Sentimental Transformation

He was totally stoked when he got them! He keeps them in his garage when they are not in use and he makes sure to take very good care of them. The best thing about it is that he can still enjoy his father’s last gift to him for many years to come, so the gift is priceless…

When was the last time you actually made something for someone instead of buying them something… Or brought something back to life? The satisfaction is immeasurable!

Your Latina,


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