Bat Mobile Tutorial

A couple of months ago, I did my nephew’s nursery (you can see the complete nursery here). It was a tough task indeed since I was doing the entire nursery on a SAHM budget (“stay at home mom” for those who don’t know). I had to be very selective on what I could spend on what. In the attempt to make the room totally adorable and unique, I wanted to make a really cool baby mobile that no one else would have, and since all searches online were either fruitless or WAAAAAY to expensive, I had to settle on creating one entirely from scratch.

And if I may, I think I did an awesome job for about $5 (my dad even thought so – it’s one of his favorite pieces).

Custom Batman Mobile

So here is what you need:

1. Embroidery Yarn (they run about 4/$1)

Bat Mobile 2

2. Embroidery Hoop, I used a 10 inch wooden one

Bat Mobile 6

Here it is from afar so you can see the scale of it (and yes, I was wearing an over-sized sweatshirt that belongs to the hubby – sexy, right?)

Bat Mobile 5

3. Stiff felt sheets in yellow and black. I think I used 2.5 sheets and they run about $0.89 each if I remember correctly.

4. Fabric glue

5. Black acrylic paint for the hoop which I already had, but runs a little over $1

I found the logo I wanted to use online (there are tons, from original batman to the newest version). I chose “classic” Batman and used it to trace and cut the patterns. I traced with a white fabric pencil on the black felt sheet.

Bat Modbile 1

I needed to decide how many hanging strings I wanted and what I was going to hang on it exactly. I chose the following pattern with 6 strings.

Bat Modbile 3

I decided to add circles since I didn’t want to overwhelm it with too many Batman logos. And then I wanted to alternate the patterns where there was a high Batman and a low Batman. It needed to be an even number so that the pattern went all the way around smoothly.

Here is the pattern:

Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black   (hmm, sounds like a song…)

Black, Batman, Black, Batman, Black, Batman

Batman, Yellow, Batman, Yellow, Batman, Yellow

Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black

Then I proceeded to glue. Please remember, you have to make 2 of everything for each decorative piece since it will be hanging. You want to glue a piece on either side of the string. For each Batman logo, you need 2 black ovals, 2 yellow smaller ovals and 2 bats.

Bat Mobile 4

Here is a close up of the logo.

Bat Mobile 8

I tied the tops of the strings with a double knot to the hoop after I had painted it black and let it dry. I tried to space them out as evenly as possible.

The next step was a little tricky, cause you need some patience. You have to cut 6 more long strings to attach to the loop so you could hang it. I tied them each at each decorative string location in order to keep it balanced (make, sense?).

Bat Mobile 9

Once you get them nice and level, tie a knot to hold them together and keep the balance.Then you tie another knot at the top ends of the strings (not pictured) to hang from a hook on the ceiling. Cut off all the excess string and hide the knots with the outer embroidery ring and then your done!

See, no knots!

Bat Mobile 10

So there you have it. An awesome baby mobile that everyone will talk about. Easy and inexpensive. The great thing about this is that you can make it any color for any super hero of your choice. Hope you like!!!!

Your Latina,






Living Room, Kitchen and Breakfast Nook…. A Hot Mess

Ever since we moved into our new home, I have been wanting to make some changes to the living room, kitchen and breakfast nook – primarily the wall colors. The kitchen and breakfast nook are this horrible green bean color and the living room is a builder’s grade dark taupe. Not fond of either. I wanted to bring the two rooms together by painting them all one color. It took a while, but I finally settled on a  paint color I liked. These rooms were particularly time consuming because not only did we have a TON of walls to paint, we also had to paint all the base molding and window and door frames as they had never been touched up before. Here are all the before pictures at different angles. Breakfast Before - Copy Since we were going to paint a ton of walls we decided to get paint samples first. Did you know that the 30% and 40% off paint coupons for Sherwin Williams also apply to paint samples? You can get them as low as $5 each for a quart! Score! It was our first time doing this and we are so glad we did. I wanted a grey neutral for everything in order to brighten things up. But I also wanted a hint of beige. I ended up going with Pediment. It is a perfect “greige”. Breakfast Before Wall Color We painted several blocks on different walls, since the paint looked different under different lighting and in the shade. Kitchen Before Paint Above is the kitchen area and the island. Breakfast Before 2 Here is another angle of the breakfast nook. Living Room Before Paint Here is the view from the kitchen. Living Before Paint 2 You can see my kid napping (just keepin’ it real!). Livining Room & Kitchen View Before Another angle, you can see the kitchen from here. Living Room Fireplace Before You can see the fireplace better from this angle. Fan and Living Room Before We have already switched out the fan that you can see in the picture above. It was white, builder grade and UGLY. FAn in Living Room Before You can see a close-up here. Fan in Kitchen Before We took the one from the kitchen which was icky and dirty from all the previous cooking (really, who puts a fan in the kitchen?!?!?) and cleaned it up, REAL GOOD. Fan Blade Before Because it was older and the necessary scrubbing was a bit hard on the edges, I took a furniture repair pen (found at Home Depot and GREAT to have at home to make minor scratch repairs on wood) and just colored the fan blades where necessary. Fan Blade After Here is the same fan blade after. Kitchen Before Paint We replaced the kitchen light with track lighting seen here. Living Room Before Paint And the fan looks much better in the living room. I will post the updated photos soon!

Your Latina,