From Wedding Mirror to Corkboard

I have a little bit of a confession (stick around and you will probably read a lot of those), but my family inherited the hoarding gene, BAD. Both my parents have had a hard time letting go of things with sentimental value and sadly enough they passed that trait onto me.

Disclaimer: We are not like those people in the TV show, Hoarders, so don’t freak out just yet.

That being said there are still some things lying around my parents house, garage and shed that they just can’t let go. For example, my parents received an octagonal mirror as a wedding gift over 33 years ago that they could never let go. It’s not the prettiest of things and it’s made of plastic, but I always liked the shape… I guess they did too. They didn’t really have a use for it, so I offered to take it to my new home. But with just my luck, the mirror breaks during the move. Leave it to me to break something that lasted over 33 years!

Oh yeah, did I mention, I have the clumsy gene too…

Okay, so this is what I had left to work with…. and still I just could not throw it away especially since my parents kept it for so long. I felt really bad….

Mirror to Corkboard

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Dresser Turned Buffet

Do you ever have anyone come up to you and say, “Hey, I know someone who is giving away some old furniture they no longer want, and since you like to redo furniture, I figured I would ask if you were interested…” Well, I do and my first thought usually is…. hmmm, why would anyone want to get rid of old furniture???? It must obviously not be that nice. But then on occasion they show you a picture like THIS!!!!!!!

I apologize for the poor quality, but this is the only one I have of all the pieces together.

Dresser Turned Buffet

And then you gasp and ask, “Why would ANYONE want to get rid of that?!?!?!?” OMG! I could not believe it, a dresser, 2 nightstands and a mirror for FREE! Deal of the year people! Needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity.

The furniture didn’t look that bad in the picture, but it was pretty banged up. There were a lot of nicks and dents all over the tops and sides. I would have liked to have kept it a wood finish, but I decided to paint the dresser since I am just not that familiar with refinishing wood yet, and it’s not like I paid anything for the piece, nor did it have any sentimental value to me. I didn’t need a dresser, but I thought it would be great as buffet for my breakfast area. Here is the area I wanted to put it. There was a dresser already there (the one I refinished in this post), but I have since moved it to the guest bedroom in our basement. Breakfast & Living Rm Progress 2

We started by filling in all the dents and scratches with wood putty.

Dresser Turned Buffet 4

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Dining Room Reveal

We are moving forward with the dining room reveal!!!!! After we finished the chairs, it was on to paint the walls. I chose BIG CHILL by Glidden. It is a very light and cool blue that works well with all the white molding and in the space. I repainted all the trim, molding and chair rail. It needed it BAD and it was well worth it too because the room looked and smelled so clean and new. I was so happy we went ahead and painted it. A little warning though… I took these pictures back in December so my Christmas decor is still up. I could have taken new pictures, but they looked so puuuurrrrdy I had to share! Dining Reveal 6I kept the mirror and clock since they went well with the deep rich color of the table. I put up curtain rods that I found at Ross for $11.99 each. SCORE! The curtains are from IKEA. They are the Lenda tie back curtains for $19.99/pair, I chose the khaki color. Continue reading