2015 A New Year, Some Catching Up and Dining Room Before Pics

It’s a new year and I cannot believe the month is almost over. For this year I plan on posting more, A LOT more. Currently, I have about 10 projects already completed, but I just have not had the time to sit down and write about them. But all that is going to change. I need to get my priorities straight and launching this website BIG TIME this year is at the top.

This year is the year of change.

1. I am finally getting to finish my son’s nursery! It’s about time since he is a year and a half!

2. We plan on updating our powder room which is a shade of BLAH with a touch of BLAH and even more BLAH when it comes to the fixtures. We have big plans for it and we can’t wait to share.

3. We are moving the office/craft/sewing room to the main floor (it’s now upstairs) since I need to get better access to it during the day while the kids are with me. I don’t like typing or sewing or crafting upstairs away from the kids. This should allow me to post more frequently and get projects completed quicker.

4. I will be adding more finishing touches to the breakfast area and kitchen. We painted but the walls are still bare and I want to add new window treatments to the bay window. White drapes aren’t working since they have been encountering too many sticky fingers lately. I have since removed them and kept them bare. Again more BLAH.

5. Our yard is getting some much needed TLC. We (which really means my husband and my father) have taken down a total of 7 (YES SEVEN) ugly overgrown pine trees that had overtaken the backyard while the previous owners and renters resided in our home. The backyard looks so much better. Pictures to come of the ongoing progress.

6. We have a deck to stain! It’s currently an ugly faded reddish brown. We are changing the color completely with a new product that is supposed to stain, seal and and transform the deck. We cannot wait! I want to be able to enjoy the back deck much more this year.

7. We have several furniture transformations that need to happen, some that already have happened and I just need to post them. Posts coming soon, PROMISE!

There are more things to add to this list, but these are the main ones. I hope we can get to all of them this year. We have 11.5 more months to go! We were able to get a good start on the dining room right before the end of the year. Here are the before pics of the dining room to get the mood and momentum going. It was pretty builder-grade. And we only really had a table, a mirror and a clock on the wall for all of last year. By the time the holidays came, I was ready for a formal dining room. So far, my hubby and I are enjoying the transformation….

Enough yapping, again here are the before pics. Dining BEFOREThe top picture is the view from the main entrance to the house.

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Breakfast Area and Living Room Progress

I know it has been long past due, but here are a few pictures of the progress so far of the living room and the breakfast area. I owe you pictures of the kitchen and I will post those soon (promise).

In case you have not seen the before pictures, you can click here.

So far this is what the breakfast area looks like.

Breakfast & Living Rm Progress 2I removed the bookcase from the right and as you can see the new paint, Pediment, by Sherwin Williams, really lightens the place up. It is the perfect greige. No more green bean walls! The dresser to the left was my first Craigslist makeover (you can read about its transformation here). It has since been moved to the guest bedroom and a new one has taken its place. I will write a post on that one soon too.

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DIY Gold Tray

Lately, I have been visiting my local Goodwill WAY TOO MUCH… That being said I have made some seriously awesome scores! You just never know when there will be something that will catch your eye. My local Goodwill puts new items out on a daily basis.

No, I don’t go there that often…. yet.

So now that gold is back in style, I have been wanting a cool gold tray for my bedroom (or just because). And this is what I came up with! It only cost $2.92 at Goodwill. Booyah!

DIY Gold Tray

Pretty right????? But wait, you just gotta see the before…..

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Breakfast Chairs Re-Upholstered

My breakfast area chairs were looking a little worn out and just plain dull and since I could not buy new ones, I figured I would go to my FAVE store Hobby Lobby and get some fabric to re-upholster them. This is what they looked like before… YUCK!

reupholster chair

They were brown microfiber and over 7 years old. They had stains and some areas were wearing out.

I only needed a yard and a half of home decor fabric, and luckily it was 30% off. So I got a beautiful velvety-bluish fabric with a trellis design on it.

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