Custom Tablecloth for the Pool

Hey there! I don’t know about you, but we have been enjoying our neighborhood pool as much as possible this summer. Our kids love to go swimming! We stay for several hours at a time and often have lunch or dinner right there, then go back to swim. One thing, I don’t appreciate though is how dirty those outdoor tables get. And with little ones, they tend to spill food on the table and pick it right back up to eat it. I used to carry cleaning solution in a spray bottle and paper towels and would wipe down the tables, but then I got tired of having to bring cleaning supplies. And even then, I still didn’t want them to eat anything that might get on the table. So I came up with the idea that has made my life a little easier….

I came across these plastic tablecloths at Wal Mart for like $3! Sorry, I really thought the picture was better quality.

Tablecloth 1

Our pool tables already have umbrellas so I had to modify it a bit (this way we were not pulling the umbrella off and putting it back in, so here is what I did…

First, I folded the tablecloth in half while inside out.

Tablecloth 2

Then I folded it again.

Tablecloth 3

I used a sharpie to place a dot in order to mark the center.

Tablecloth 4

Then I took a large spool of yarn, centered it over the dot and traced around it.

Tablecloth 4.1

Hey! No one said it had to be perfect! As you can tell, the sharpie didn’t work here so I opted for a blue pen.

Tablecloth 5

Then, I used one of the creases as a guide and cut a line all the way to the center circle.

Tablecloth 6

After that I used my surger in order to seal the edges so they wouldn’t fray.

Tablecloth 7

Here is a close-up.

Tablecloth 8

I already had orange ribbon left over from another project so I cut and sewed 6 pieces of ribbon to the tablecloth in order to tie the edges together so they wouldn’t come apart in the wind or by a kiddo tugging at it. You can also see my little helper’s feet below.

Tablecloth 9

Here is a close-up of the ribbon (sewn from underneath the tablecloth).

Tablecloth 10

They tied up nicely. Please note, you have to make sure they are sewn evenly apart so they match up. I also used clear tacky glue I had on hand in order to seal the edges of the ribbons so they wouldn’t fray.

Tablecloth 11

Here is another close-up of the ribbons tied together. It’s a pretty close seam.

Tablecloth 12

Here is one of the tables at our pool.

Tablecloth 13

This is what it looks like with the tablecloth on it. Perfect fit!

Tablecloth 16I

I keep the seam to the back so it is not so noticeable.

Tablecloth 14

And I tuck in the bows so the kiddos are tempted to tug on them.

Tablecloth 15

If anything falls on the table I won’t feel so paranoid and all I need to do it wipe it down when I get home, fold it back up and it’s ready for the next time we go to the pool. This took me only 20 minutes to make and I am not even an experienced seamstress (but thanks to my mother-in-law I can do little things like this!). This is simple and easy and really anyone can do this. One thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You just gotta keep practicing.

Let me know what you think!

Your Latina,





Natalia’s Bedroom Update and New Bookshelves

Since the last post on my daughter’s bedroom, we have made a couple of additions to her room. She is fond of reading, so we decided we needed to add a place to hold all her books. Unfortunately, there is not much space left for a bookcase so we had to find an alternative and cheap inexpensive solution. I was looking through Pinterest for ideas and I came across an Ikea solution – using spice racks as bookshelves.. DUH!!!!! So knowing me, I hauled my butt over there and got 3 of these….

Naty's Shelves Before

The best part is that they are only $3.99 each. We put them together and I sprayed them down with Rustoleum’s spray primer for multi-surfaces. I then painted them 2 colors to match her bedroom theme. I used Ceramcoat’s acrylic paint in Think Pink and Magnolia White (I already had both on hand). I used an artist brush and gave them 2 coats. Once I was done I used the clear enamel below to seal them (since I figured they would get beat up).

Naty's Bookshelves 1

The shelf below is what it looked like completed and with the enamel.

Naty's B 7_edited-1

She had this space between the door to her room and the entrance to the bathroom from her bedroom. Nothing could really go on that wall since the bedroom door opens towards it so I figured it was the best place to install since I wouldn’t have to move them if we decided to rearrange her room at a later time.

As a rule in our house, we anchor EVERYTHING no matter how light it may be. These were going to be anchored anyway since our 2.5 year old would be taking books in and out of them. We prefer to use the anchors shown by my hubby below. You can find them at Home Depot. They have a flat head and extra wide threads (they come in a small clear box with the screws and are fairly cheap). We feel they hold onto the sheet rock the best and they lie beautifully flush with the walls. I’ll show you in a bit.

Naty's B 3

We made sure the shelves were level before marking where we wanted the holes (poor level has see better days). We also made sure to keep the shelves spaced evenly from each other.

Naty's B 6

First the hubby drills a hole in the wall with the actual screw that will go in the anchor.

Naty's B 2

Then he drills in the anchor. See, completely flush, you can almost NOT see it!

Naty's B 5

Then once the screws go in, shelves go up! And presto, instant book storage.

Naty's Bookshelves

I like this solution, because later on when she turns into a young lady (YIKES!) she can put things like nail polish, make-up or what have you in them. They can also be repainted if she wants to change her color scheme.

I also added curtains. Since the only window she has is small and close to the wall, I didn’t want to add drapes. I wanted something girly and light so that I could get as much light in the room as possible. I found this pair at HomeGoods for $29.99 and I just fell in love.

NB 2

Here is a close up.

NAty's Curtains

And an even closer close-up.

Naty's Curtains 2

They look so purdy! We also changed the bedding for something cooler over the summer. I had the pink quilt already and bought a white one for her trundle (where she actually sleeps). I didn’t want to get 2 pink ones since later on she would use the top bed and I wouldn’t have the need for 2 pink sets.

Here is how they both look.

NB 1

Here is a close-up of the details on the quilt.

NB 3

I was fine with leaving the top bed with the quilt, but then I remembered these.

NB 4

Those corners are deadly, so I put the down comforter back on just the top bed in order to soften the edges a bit (so the top bed looks like this now).

NB 5

Here’s the little lady enjoying her books.

NB 7

I also added some art next to her closet door.

NB 81

And her newborn picture over her dresser.

NB 9

And in case you were wondering, this is how she actually sleeps.

NB 6

My mother-in-law made those bumpers so that she won’t bump her little head on the wood frames. Seems to work pretty well too!

I hope you like the additions! We still have a few things I want to do, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Your Latina,