Master Bedroom BEFORE

I am finally at a point where I feel comfortable taking pictures (and showing you all) the progress we have made in the master bedroom. We are lucky to have found a home with such a large master bedroom, with lots of natural light, good architectural features and something I never thought I would have…. 3 closets!  First, I would like to show you what the bedroom looked like when we moved in.

The walls were bare and never had been painted (other than what the builder did). Below is the view from the entrance facing into the master bedroom. Our queen bed looks so small in this huge space.

Master Bedroom

This is the view of the seating area to the right. There are beautiful apple trees just outside the 3 windows. It makes me feel like I am in a tree house. I plan on buying a nice large chair, table and lamp to create the perfect reading nook for little ole me… ya know, for all that spare time I have (insert sarcasm here).

Seating Area in Master Bedroom

Below is the view from my hubby’s closet.

Master Bedroom view #2

I am very much inspired by Ballard Designs and have been really liking the soft blues and tans and whites they have been showcasing which will go great with my off white bedroom furniture.

I found the following drapery panels at my local Ross for $22.99 a pair… SCORE!!!!! Or more like GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLL in our family.

Panels and Paint Swatch 2

I picked the perfect blue, Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore. I actually got it made in Clark & Washington paint since it is still a great quality paint at a more affordable price. Gotta watch those pennies, after all us SAHM’s don’t get paid much. ;-)

Here is a close up of the panel and the paint swatch…

Paint Colors and Curtain Panels Up Close

So far we have done the following:

1. Painted the walls, all 11 of them and the trey ceiling.

2. Painted all the baseboards

3. Replaced all the old receptacles with updated switches (my hubby is a trained electrician, well, used-to-be since he doesn’t do that anymore, so he knows what he is doing)

4. Furniture is obviously already in place (I wouldn’t be very happy if it wasn’t)

5. Curtain rods and curtains are up…. funny story about those curtains. It will have its own post, it’s so funny so stay tuned.

Still to do….

1. Put artwork and wedding pics on the walls

2. Seating area not even close to completion

3. Bench or settee in front of bed

4. Small console table at entrance

5. Replacing the ceiling fan with either a chandelier or a nicer fan (still debating)

Stay tuned for the updated pics. They will be coming soon! Promise!

Your Latina,



Nephew’s Nursery Reveal

Ok, so this past weekend I (along with my hubby’s help) finally finished my nephew’s batman themed nursery. We are so pleased at how it turned out!!!!

We started by painting the bedroom walls a calm grey and all the trim bright white.

Nephew's Batman Nursery

I made the following custom mobile for them since I really couldn’t find any super hero themed nursery items and whenever I did find custom made pieces they were ridiculously expensive.

Custom Batman Mobile

And thanks to my wonderful and amazingly talented mother-in-law, we made the following bedskirt together inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.


I covered the back of the bookshelf with the same fabric so it could tie in with the rest of the room and not be too dark. I made a custom lamp shade so that you can see the batman symbol when it’s lit up! Oh yeah, this aunt is too cool!

Bookshelf and Lamp

I painted the dresser they had in the room before. You can see what it used to look like here.

Black Dresser Makeover

I customized some Lenda curtains from IKEA and transformed some spice racks into cute bookshelves.

Custom Curtains

I made a zipper-less cushion for their rocking chair (again, thanks to my mother-in-law). We even made custom pillow cases for the crib. My husband updated all of the wall sockets with new whites one.

Rocking Chair with Custom Pillow

Here is the back of the cushion. Who would have thought buttons would be so easy!

No Zipper Cushio

And finally, the best-est, coolest piece of all… the custom carving that both my husband and I created for the little guy. We wanted something unique that he could grow up and still enjoy (I mean wouldn’t you want this in your man-cave????).

Batman Carving

I will write individual posts on the different projects soon! Until then, I hope you liked how it turned out! We are so pleased. Now, we wait for our nephew due next month!

Your Latina,



Simple and Healthy Citrus Dressing

I wanted to share a salad dressing that I make at home that is super easy to make and is really delicious!

DIY Citrus Dressing


Zest of one lemon

Juice of one lemon

2 tbsp of orange juice

1 tsp of mustard

1 tsp of vinegar (white or apple cider, whichever you prefer)

1 tsp of honey

A couple of sprigs of fresh Thyme

Salt to taste (usually less than 1 tsp)

1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil


Combine all ingredients and whisk in the EVOO. You can add or subtract the amounts of ingredients based on your desire (sometimes I like to add a little more honey, but that’s up to you! ) This tastes great with artisan lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and cucumbers. I like to make some homemade nuggets out of chicken breasts to go along with the salad.

Hope you like as much as we do!

Buen Provecho!

Your Latina,